How To Properly Fit A Trench Coat

Published: 07th April 2011
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Thinking about buying yourself a new trench coat in the upcoming weeks and want to make sure you get the right size? Here are a few simple tips that will help you properly fit a trench coat when purchasing one.

When it comes to purchasing clothing of any kind, comfort is one of the most important buying factors. For this reason alone it is important that you purchase the right size items. By doing so you are ensuring that you are going to enjoy wearing the new articles of clothing that you purchase and won't end up stashing them away in a closet and not ever wearing them. This is true for any type of clothing that you might buy regardless of whether or not it is a trench coat.

Get The Right Measurement

In order to properly fit a trench coat you have to have the right measurements. These measurements will then be used to identify the size coat that you need to purchase. Often times taking measurements of yourself will require the help from another person. If you try to take the measurements on your own, you might not get accurate results because of the difficulty involved in trying to accomplish some of the measurement tasks.

In some cases your best bet is to go to a professional tailor and have them do the measurements for you. Since they are used to taking them every day, they'll know exactly where and how to measure in order to get you properly fitted for your new coat.

Identify The Important Areas

There are a few areas that you need to focus on when trying on a new trench coat. These specific areas will affect the level of comfort that you feel when wearing the coat so it's important that you make sure they are fitted properly. One particular area of the trench coat that you should focus on is the shoulders. The shoulders of the coat should be roomy enough to where you can swing your arms freely while wearing the coat and not feel any tightness or stiffness.

Another area that you should focus on is the sleeve length of the coat. The sleeves should extend down to about the middle of the back of the hand when your arms are at your side. This will ensure that you have proper length in the sleeves.

Finally, the chest of the coat should also fit properly, meaning it shouldn't be too tight. If you have difficulty zipping the coat up, or feel as though the coat is too tight in the chest area, then you need to try a larger size.

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