Motorcycle Classifieds - How To Spot A Scam

Published: 30th March 2011
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The simple truth is that motorcycle classifieds, or any type of online classifieds for that matter, are becoming more and more popular these days and are being used to sell many different items. This is one reason why they are becoming more and more of a target to spammers. Here are some helpful tips that you can keep in mind to spot a scam reply.


One of the dead giveaways when determining whether or not a scam reply has been sent to you is the spelling or grammar that is used to compose the reply. Many people make spelling mistakes and little grammatical issues here and there, but when you receive a reply that is fully of incorrectly structured sentences, then you know you are dealing with someone who is not very good with English. If you're expecting replies from strictly US customers, then you can probably be pretty certain that the person sending you this reply is not in the US.

Vagueness Of The Request

Another easy way to spot a scam reply for your motorcycle classifieds ad is to read through the reply to see what type of content it contains. Scammers often times will send vague emails that contain little concern about the motorcycle you are selling, and show more concern with getting your personal information such as you email and physical address information.

Think about it, if someone was truly interested in purchasing your motorcycle, don't you think they would ask questions about it instead of simply requesting for your address information and other personal information? You should easily be able to tell when someone has no intention of purchasing your motorcycle.

Reply-To Address

Another interesting yet effective tactic for spotting a scam when you see one is comparing the from and Reply-To email addresses. There may be some cases where these are different such as for commercial mailings, but anyone using a personal email account to contact you about your motorcycle classifieds ads should have matching from and reply-to email addresses. This is something that you can definitely be suspicious about if you notice in an email to you.

Outrageous Claims

There are other obvious indicators that can elude to the fact that the reply you are receiving is a scam. Perhaps one of the more obvious indicators is outrageous claims made in the reply to you. Outrageous claims can take on many different forms including proclaimed lottery winnings in some foreign country, long lost relation that you supposedly have who know is giving you millions of dollars, and many others. These outrageous claims not only are quite ridiculous in nature, but are a dead giveaway to the fact that a scam reply has been sent to you.

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